The COBOD Configurator!

You are now able to configure and design your own printer to suit your specific construction needs. In the configurator, you will find a detailed overview of how the construction site of the future looks. We have also integrated printing simulations of buildings of various sizes and shapes, including our very own BOD-building.

– Copenhagen, 2022

Video compilation of our LIVE printing sessions at World of Concrete 2022

Huge thank you to our partner, QUIKRETE, and World of Concrete for a truly amazing event.

– Las Vegas, 2022

COBOD is going to World of Concrete 2022 in Las Vegas

At the event, we will be doing multiple live 3D printing demos creating parts of buildings and other elements using the World’s most popular 3D construction printer, COBOD’s BOD2, with 3D Printing Mix from QUIKRETE.

– Copenhagen, 2022

The 3D printing concrete revolution continues!

This time in Oman where the German University of Technology in Oman has printed the world’s largest 3D printed real concrete building. This building was printed with the low cost D.fab concrete solution with 99,5% locally sourced materials. The solution secured a material cost saving of 90%.

– Oman, 2021

The 3D printing concrete revolution begins

Power2Build printed Africa’s first real concrete 3D printed house, using local materials and our cost-saving D.fab solution. This low-cost material, which we have develped with Cemex presents  a fantastic low-cost solution to solve the lack of decent housing for millions of citizens, not only in Angola but throughout Africa. Developed by the Angolan company Power 2 Build, in partnership with technology leaders COBOD and CEMEX, this innovation represents a new cornerstone in construction with a significant impact on people’s lives.

– Angola, 2021

One of the world’s largest 3D construction projects has launched in Kenya

Our cutting-edge customer 14Trees has completed Kenya’s first 3D printed house. The showroom is part of one of the world’s largest 3D construction projects, as 14Trees will print 52 affordable housing units in the coastal city of Kilifi. These are truly incredible times, as the acute housing crisis of Africa is addressed by our terrific customers using our technology!

– Kenya, 2021

The Most Innovative 3D Printed House In The World

Architecture firm Mense-Korte has done an incredible job exploring uncharted territory with this design printed by a Cobod BOD 2 in concrete. Jarett Gross dives into the details of this build and examines some of the design choices they made that make this project so unique and before its time.

– Beckum, Germany, 2021

Florida’s 2021s first 3D printed building by Printed Farms

Printed Farms, Wellington is a Florida based start-up, which has just completed the 3D printing of the first 3D printed building in Florida, a 71 m2 (784 sqf) storage unit, using a giant BOD2 printer measuring 15*12,5*10 meters (50*42*33 ft).

– Florida, USA, 2021

Why This BOD2 3D Printed House Will Change The World

Highlights from a piece by B1M about how PERI uses the BOD2 to push the 3DCP industry forward.

– 2021

BOD2 in Beckum

PERI printing with COBODs BOD2 printer a family house in Beckum, Germany.

– Beckum, Germany, 2020

BOD2 3D printing schools in Africa

Our BOD2 is used by 14Trees, a LafargeHolcim joint venture with the UK’s publicly funded impact-investor CDC Group, to build affordable and low-carbon housing and schools in Malawi.

– Malawi, 2020

BOD2 in Wallenhausen prints a commercial apartment building

World’s first 3D printed commercial apartment building. The building is printed on site in Wallenheim, Germany and will be on three floors. The project is being done by PERI using COBOD’s BOD2 printer.

– Wallenhausen, Germany, 2020

Multi-year collaboration – 3D printing wind turbine towers

An exciting collaboration between GE Renewable Energy, LafargeHolcim and COBOD will be 3D printing wind turbine towers directly on-site with our state of the art technology, enabling the creation of larger and cost-effective taller hybrid towers, reaching up to 200 meters.

We finished the first 10-meter high prototype tower in October 2019.

– 2020

Bautec 2020 – A 3D printed house a day keeps the doctor away

This year at Bautec we 3D printed 3,5 houses in 4 days. A timelapse from each day was captured and can be seen here.

– Germany, 2020

BOD2 – Second to none 3D construction printer

This video shows the many benefits and technical specifications of the BOD2 construction printer.

– Copenhagen, 2019

Explanation – 3D printing the BOD building a second time

Two years ago we 3D printed the first building in Europe. It took 2 months from start to finish. This time we did in 3 days.

This video explains some of the insight we gathered during the process.

Køge, 2019

Timelapse – Re-printing Europe’s first 3D printed building

This timelapse shows the BOD2 in action, 3D printing The BOD building a second time. It took 28,5 hours spread over 3 days.

– Køge, 2019

BOD2 from above – Largest in the world

Drone footage of the largest 3D construction printer in the world. This BOD2 configuration is able to print 300 square meters in 3 storeys (900m2 in total).

This BOD2 printer is for the Saudi Arabian company, Elite for Construction & Development, and is being delivered as soon testing is done.

– Køge, 2019

Assembly of BOD2 – Largest in the world

Timelapse of the assembly of the BOD2, in this case the largest configurations to date, as well as the largest 3D construction printer in the world.

This BOD2 printer is for the Saudi Arabian company, Elite for Construction & Development, and is being delivered as soon testing is done.

– Køge, 2019

BOD2 – printing test

Test printing of the BOD2 went as planned. This model has now been installed at the Technical University of Denmark.

– Copenhagen, 2019

Exhibition Print – bauma 2019

For the bauma fair 2019, we 3D printed a concrete column to demonstrate the freedom of design that 3D construction technology allows.

– Germany, 2019

Kamp C – Press day

The first BOD2 printer delivered to Kamp C resulted in a full day of press activities and demonstrations.

– Belgium, 2019

The BOD – Finished

Drone video of the finished building, outside and inside.

– Copenhagen, 2018

The BOD – Timelapse

This is a short timelapse of the 3D printing process of The BOD.

– Copenhagen, 2017

The BOD – Behind the scenes

This video gives a few glimpse into how we 3D printed The BOD

– Copenhagen, 2017