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Welcome to the press package page!

We are pleased to offer you access to all of the photos presented on this page for use in your publications and various content formats. However, please note that there is an obligatory condition. When using our content you must mention and credit in your coverage:

  • COBOD International
  • the customer who implemented the project and the name of the project (that is always mentioned in the name of  the picture)

We kindly ask that you adhere to this condition in order to properly credit the parties involved.

All of the necessary information can be found in the picture titles, so please take the time to review them before using any of the images. We hope that these visuals will help you tell the story of this exciting new construction technology and project and showcase the innovative work that COBOD International is doing in the industry. Thank you for considering our press package and we look forward to seeing your coverage!

If you have any questions we are happy to help:

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