COBOD Configurator

With the COBOD Configurator, you and your customer can build your 3D construction printer. Access the configurator directly online through the desktop tool, or download the app for IOS or Android.

Configure your own 3D construction printer

The configurator allows you to explore different sizes of COBOD’s modular printer, the BOD2. Use the controls to adjust the printers’ width, height and length manually. Then, when you have the preferred setup configured, you can envision the printable area for every installation.

You can also estimate the printer’s total size to understand the actual area that will be occupied at the construction site. Finally, choose if you want to add a batch plant and pump better to visualize the printer’s whole arrangement with additional components.

Watch a 3D printed house come to life

Watch a selection of buildings our printer has already printed worldwide come to life in the configurator. When you simulate the construction of the case buildings, you can also estimate the printing time and material consumption. Choose between buildings like The BOD (43 m2/462,848 ft2) and a printing time of 5–7 hours) or a six-unit apartment block with three floors (430 m2/4628,48 ft2) and a printing time of 2–3 days). 

Of course, the BOD2 is capable of a lot more than the case buildings. Our software solutions make it possible to convert traditional CAD drawings (STEP format) into 3D printable files, opening up an unlimited range of possible constructions.

Contact us if you have an idea you would like to explore in more detail.

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