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We are delighted to present some of the achievements and collaborations of COBOD. Our turnkey and flexible solution for 3D construction printing projects is the result of years of experience and carefully selected partnerships. To view all projects done with our technology, click here.

A selection of our 3D construction printing projects

Since 2017, COBOD has been involved in projects within residential houses, industrial constructions and commercial buildings. However, these projects are only fragments of what the future holds. The 3D printing technologies open up opportunities that are not an option with today's conventional construction methods. 

COBOD is pushing the limits by researching and developing 3D construction printing. The results are, among other things, reduced time on site, lower costs and more sustainable solutions and materials. In return, this has opened up many possibilities to solve the increasing need for affordable buildings.    

Worldwide collaborations 

Great things come out of collaborations. By combining our knowledge with others'' areas of expertise, we are creating new contexts with an outcome that is only possible with a joint effort. One example is our collaboration with CEMEX, which is now an integrated part of the service that COBOD provides. 

Our work with Holcim is another valuable collaboration. Holcim works with innovative, sustainable and smart building solutions, with a focus on improving living standards for people and communities. Together, we have collaborated on various projects, with results like the world's first 3D-printed school in Malawi and prototypes of GE Renewable Energy’s wind turbines, generating up to 33% extra power. 

Together with house builders, academic institutions and material manufacturers from all over the world, we look forward to continuing to disrupt the global construction industry.  

Become more familiar with the BOD2 

We hope this selection will work as inspiration and a catalysator for ideas of future 3D construction projects. If you are continuously curious, visit our configurator or read more about the BOD2.

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