Process of buying a 3d printer

At COBOD International, we have designed a comprehensive printer-buying process that guarantees you will receive the best printer for your needs. We are committed to providing you with all the knowledge and assistance you need to make the most of our technology. Our process includes an introduction to our technology and company, observing the printer in action, and professional training. Keep reading to learn more about how we can help you purchase the perfect 3D construction printer.

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Step 1: Introduction to 3D construction and cobod

Most of our customers start the journey by filling out our contact form.

Once we have your details we will get in touch to arrange a first introduction meeting via Teams. Here you will get a basic introduction to the technology, COBOD, as a company, and our experiences with 3D constructions around the world.

We will listen to your needs and ideas. After that, we will be able to make a specific quote on a printer that fits your needs the best.

Beyond price, we will provide the full technical details of our turnkey solution, including:

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Step 2: Observe the printer in action

The next stage of engagement will be to visit our HQ in Copenhagen or one of our regional offices in Malaysia or Miami. Here you will be able to see the printer in action and meet our team.

Together we will explore your first potential projects and may offer architectural services to visualize them. We will go through all details of implementation and training in case you decide on the COBOD family.

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Step 3: Ordering the printer

When you decide to buy COBOD’s construction printer, you can contact our sales specialists who will help you to close all inquiries and order the printer that will be perfect to implement your projects.

The next step for you is to make the decision and make a 50% upfront payment before we start production of your printer. Lead time is typically 4 months. We spend that time efficiently training your crew.

After you made a payment for one of COBOD’s 3D construction printers, the after-sales process starts. Specialists from Project & Implementation department will lead you through all stages until your first construction is 3D printed. Learn more about the after-sales process in the following sections.

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Step 4: Kick-off

Right after you decide to buy a COBOD’s 3D construction printer, the Kick-off meeting will be organized.

The kick-off meeting is a cornerstone for further cooperation, where all matters are discussed and everything is settled.

During the Kick-off, you and your team will be introduced to:

  1. Project & Implementation team;
  2. Leading specialists in Installation, Training and Service team;
  3. Materials experts;
  4. Architects

In the Kick-off meeting, you will be informed about all further consideration points, such as general information about the delivery time, material and admixture amount calculations, and what steps to complete before your printer arrives on site.

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Step 5: Level 1 training

COBOD conducts L1 (Level 1) trainings prior to the arrival of the 3D printer.

The L1 trainings are broken down into 5 distinct modules, each lasting 2.5 hours including quiz time:

  • L1.1: Modeling for 3DCP
  • L1.2: COBOD Slicer
  • L1.3: printer installation and operation
  • L1.4: 3DCP Materials training
  • L1.5: Material Delivery System

A COBOD specialist is presenting on each particular topic to best prepare your team before utilizing our technology.

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Step 6: Commissioning and shipment of the printer

Before you receive the printer, our team will commission the printer we will send you and make a test print in our production facility.

When the testing process is completed, and the COBOD team has assured the quality of the printer, it will be packed in the container. The shipment time may vary per destination. However, the approximate timeframe for our customers to receive their printer is 4 months.

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Step 7: Level 2 training

On-site instruction for Level 2 is provided by our 3D printing experts.

Before COBOD's team arrive on site, we will walk you through our site readiness checklist to ensure that all is set for two highly productive weeks of training and printing.

During the two weeks, COBOD specialists conduct specialized training for Printer and Material operators and assist with installation, operation, and maintenance instruction for our concrete mixing and pumping equipment.

After the L2 training is completed, your team will be certified to install, operate and maintain the equipment and materials, and they will be able to perform all the related tasks like cleaning, checking material quality and much more. Now it is up to you to gain real experience. We recommend starting with repeating some smaller prints and getting comfortable with the process on your own before moving to bigger and more complex prints and projects.

Our experience has shown that teams who put the effort up front to master the technology become efficient much faster than the ones who jump too fast into commercial projects. And remember that COBOD´s team is always available to help and guide you during this time, just a phone call away.

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