Mission & Vision

At COBOD, our mission is to disrupt the global construction industry through world-class 3D robotics and automation. Faster. Better. Cheaper. We work tirelessly to improve printing speed, efficiency, labor need, and material cost to challenge conventional construction.

BOD2 printing

Careers at Cobod

We do not come to work just to make a living. We are here for a purpose. We see the rapid growth in world population leading to a global housing crisis with a gap of 3 billion houses in the following decades.

Open positions

Join us and become an integral part of helping the construction industry transition from outdated and labor-intensive construction methods to more automated, faster, and sustainable processes.

A better tomorrow

In COBOD, we strive to be good corporate citizens. Through our business, we contribute to a larger transformation of the global construction industry and a better tomorrow.

Key shareholders

We partner with some of the largest companies in the world, leveraging their resources and continuing the fantastic growth journey that we are on towards realizing our mission.