Our purpose

How we build a better future?

The global building and construction industry is facing major challenges ahead of us. We are not able to follow the demand and it limits global economic growth.

Global housing crisis

According to World Economic Forum the housing deficit will be 1.6 billion in 2025 and our current conventional modus operandi does not have the solution. COBOD and our partners have several projects around the world addressing the global housing crisis. 14Trees is building the first communities in Kenya and Malawi with COBOD 3D construction printers to build affordable housing and schools of the future.

Malawian children smiling

Need for innovation & efficiency through automation

COBOD can address the need for buildings on both the residential market as for the need for commercial and industrial buildings. The potential here is therefore even bigger. 3DCP may be more costly in the very short term but we expect significant lower building cost compared to conventional construction medium term and even more so longer term. As an example we have step-changed the material cost from a costly first generation centrally sourced mortar solution to a locally sourced concrete solution saving up to 90% of the material cost. And this is just the beginning.

Skilled workforce shortage

Forbes report 54% labour shortage globally. The number is 85.2 million in 2030 according to Korn Ferry. COBOD’s solution demands down to two people for printing a house or a building.


The construction industry accounts for 38% of CO2 emissions according to Environmental Journal. Sourcing locally to reduce transportation, minimizing waste on-site and making buildings that last are some of COBOD’s initiatives to building a more sustainable future.

CEMEX trucks driving in the jungle

Supporting our local community

To support the local community, we sponsor Copenhagen Badminton Club (KBK), reflecting our values in a mix of young talents and energy. This is perfectly symbolized by their sports director, olympian Peter Gade, a spearhead of experienced world-class talent and results – Just like COBOD.