Ownership structure

COBOD International A/S is privately owned. In 2018, the PERI Group acquired a minority shareholding and in 2022, GE Energy, CEMEX and Holcim followed as minority shareholders and thereby cementing several years of fruitful cooperation and a solid platform for the future.

In 2021, we established subsidiaries in the USA (COBOD North America Inc.) to better serve our North- and Latin American customers, and in Malaysia to (COBOD Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd.) to better serve our Asia Pacific customers. COBOD will establish a regional competence center in Dubai, UAE to serve our Middle East and Africa customers.

Ownership structure of COBOD International

GE Renewable energy

After years of close strategic Research & Development partnership between the two companies, General Electric’s Renewable Energy division decided to invest in and become a strategic key shareholder of the Danish-based COBOD International.

PERI Group

In 2018 PERI Group acquired a minority stake in COBOD. Since then, we have worked closely together to push the boundaries of 3D construction printing.


Together with Holcim, we advance world-class 3D printing materials, robotics, and automation together. Building on its collaboration with COBOD since 2019, this investment will further leverage Holcim’s innovative range of proprietary ink TectorPrint, tailored for 3D printing.


With CEMEX’s resources and skills within cement, concrete materials and admixtures, we can continue to develop new and more efficient material solutions for 3D construction printing, the construction technology of the future.

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