PERI 3D Construction

Founded in 1969 PERI is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of formwork and scaffolding systems.

PERI 3D printed home in Beckum

The largest 3D printed building project in the US

The largest 3D printed building project in the US is underway. A two story 3D printed house of 4,000 square feet has been started by PERI and CIVE in Houston, Texas.

Europe’s first 3D printed office extension

Europe’s first 3D printed office extension has opened in Hausleiten in Austria. The 3D printed building is a 125 m2 office extension.

Germany’s first 3D printed home

The first 3D printed home on German soil was printed in North Rhine-Westphalia with one of COBOD’s 3D construction printers. The two-story 3D printed house offers around 160 square meters of living space. The building consists of triple-layer cavity walls filled with insulation.

3 story history

Our 3D construction printer was deployed in a small city called Wallenhausen in Bavaria to 3D print a 380m2 big multifamily residential building. In total, the 3D printed home includes five apartments. In August 2021, the first residents moved into the multifamily apartment building.

Partnering towards the future

In 2018 PERI Group acquired a minority stake in COBOD. Since then, both companies have worked closely together to push the boundaries of 3D construction printing. In 2020, using a COBOD BOD2, PERI realized the first 3D printed home in Germany and the biggest 3D printed apartment building in Europe.

Take a tour of PERI’s 3D printed houses

Germany’s first 3D printed house in Beckum, Germany

Europe’s largest 3D printed apartment building