Want to know more about our modular construction printer?

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our world-leading construction printers.

We are very pleased with the many requests we receive. Please note that we are not construction company and we do not do construction of a house for private builders. We are solely the technology provider for our partners and customers, and we are not able to respond to individual private construction requests.

COBOD International A/S
Skudehavnsvej 17A
2150 Copenhagen, Denmark
+45 9290 9066

Vytautas Naslenas
Customer Relations
Email: vn@cobod.com

Leith Sharar
Middle East and Africa Manager
Email: ls@cobod.com

Philip Lund-Nielsen
Co Founder & Head of Americas
Email: philip@cobod.com

Simon Klint Bergh
Head of Asia Pacific
Email: skb@cobod.com

Henrik Lund-Nielsen
Founder & General Manager
Email: hln@cobod.com

Philip Knudsen
Head of Global Marketing
Email: pk@cobod.com

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