COBOD offers a turnkey solution. Our core product is a 3D construction printer. It is supported by our software, the COBOD Slice, which prepares the designed 3D models and converts the model into a 3D printable file. Our silo stores the dry cement, the batch plant mixes the material, and the pump delivers the mixed concrete to the printer.

3D construction printer

  • Gantry-based and modular
  • Unprecedented speed
  • CE-certified and UL-listed components

MATERIAL delivery system

  • Printable material
  • Batch plant, silo and, pump
  • CE-certified and UL-listed component

Additional services

  • Installation, training and service
  • Certifications and documentation
  • Financing
  • COBOD Connect (Customer service portal)
  • Access to world-class material experts and architects

3D construction printer

BOD2 printer is the result of years of continuous upgrading and improving our design and printer from the very first printing of Europe’s first 3D printer, The BOD.

Its unique modular design, BOD2 is the perfect solution for a wide variety of jobs.

The combined experience from years of field research and from usinge the BOD2 construction printer all over the world assures that you get a tested and tried product.

The BOD2 is not a prototype. It is the result of delivering more than 50 printers in the past 3 years to a global market. All parts of the BOD2 are made from high-quality materials and have been carefully engineered to meet the high requirements of the construction industry both in terms of printing speed, stability, and durability.

Product advantages

  • Get the printer size you need
  • Unprecedented print speed
  • Only two to three operators needed
  • Flaps for smooth and straight walls
  • State-of-the-art software
  • Completely safe, EU-certified and UL listed
  • Flexible material feeding options
  • Freedom of choice of materials
  • Max printing length: Infinity
  • Max printing width: EU: 14.62m / 47.97 ft (US: 12.09m / 39.67 ft) 
  • Max printing height: 8.54m / 28.02 ft incl. concrete bases
BOD2 3D construction printer

MATERIAL delivery system


Next added layer in our offer is the concrete or mortar mixing batch plant and the pump that feeds the printer from the batch plant to the 3D printer


Finally, the COBOD proprietary 3D slicer software that converts traditional CAD drawings into 3D printable files.


An essential part is the actual printed material. The CAPEX – investing in the 3D printer usually gets most of the attention while considering the technology. However, the OPEX, the daily operational cost where the printable material is an essential part should also be considered in this process..
  • 1st generation 3D printable material
  • Ready-mix solution
  • Easy to print
  • Smoother looking
  • Higher cost
  • 2nd generation 3D printable material
  • Lower cement-share and CO2
  • Locally sourced material
  • Usually mixed on-site
  • Stronger
  • Low cost. Up to 10x cheaper
  • Batch Plant volume: 500/300 L (113.5/68 gal)
  • Big Bag Silo volume: 3 m3 (3.9 yd3)
  • Piston Pump volume: 250 L (56.8 gal)

Additional services

Customer Care

Our Customer Care team ensures that you and your crew are fully trained and certified while the printer is being produced and shipped. Once the printer arrives at your local facilities our ITS team will help you get the printer installed and support you while your first project will be printed. The same team will provide round-the-clock assistance and support as part of our extended after-sales service.


This is our new customer platform (login required) for all our customers. It will allow you to share knowledge with your +50 peers around the world, buy spare parts and toolkits, find training videos and documentation tailored to your specific printer


Our products are safe and CE-certified and UL-listed. In addition, we have full documentation required on all our products.


Buying a 3D printer is a big investment. We facilitate alternative financing options.
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