14Trees is a joint venture of Holcim and CDC Group dedicated to accelerating the provision of affordable housing in Africa. Together with their bank & contractor partners, 14Trees strives to make green and affordable housing a reality.

Malawian children enjoying their new 3D printed school

The first 3D printed school

Located in Malawi, the world’s first 3D printed school was built using COBOD’s state-of-the-art BOD2 3D construction printer. The 3D printed school measures 56 m2/602,779 ft2 and was printed with a 4-4-2 model, which can print concrete structures up to 10 meters/32,8084 feet in length and width and 3 meters/9,84252 feet in height.

The schools of the future

14Trees achieved tremendous results applying COBOD’s technology resulting in reduced cost, time, and materials compared to traditional methods. Furthermore, the building has an environmental footprint of 50% compared to the conventional building methods in Africa.

First 3D printed home in Kenya

In October 2021, our customer 14Trees 3D printed a demonstration house in Nairobi, Kenya, which is also the first 3D printed house to achieve the IFC-EDGE Design Certificate. The 3D printed house is a part of Africa’s largest 3D construction project ever.

Africa’s first 3D printed home

The walls of Africa’s first 3D printed home were printed in just 12 hours. 14Trees is doing a tremendous job delivering projects showing the tangible benefits of our technology.

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