Dubai’s first 3D printed villa. An architectural masterpiece by EMAAR, 3D printed all the way back in 2019.

Emaar Unveils Dubai's First Villa 3D Printed Using COBOD Technology, A Hidden Gem from 2019

  • Last week, at a launch event involving Xiaomi’s Smart Living concept, Emaar finally revealed Dubai’s first 3D printed villa, which was previously delayed due to COVID-19.
  • The 202 m2 (2,175 SF) villa with an integrated car park, 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, represents one of the most stunning examples of what 3D printing can do for architectural design and the housing market.
  • Click here to explore a video tour of the house.
Dubai’s first 3D printed villa. An architectural masterpiece by EMAAR, 3D printed all the way back in 2019.

Dubai, December 6, 2023 
Emaar, with a net asset value of almost 40 billion USD, is among the most admired and valuable real estate development companies in the world. Emaar is known for their focus on innovation, design excellence, build quality, and timely delivery, which clearly is seen from the recently revealed building located at Dubai’s Arabian Ranches III area. 

Emaar's commitment to innovation is evident in the development of Dubai's first-ever 3D printed house. This groundbreaking accomplishment represents Emaar's initial foray into establishing itself as an advocate for advanced construction technologies. The major real estate developer is leveraging innovative construction methods to build faster, cost-effectively, and with distinctive designs, all while contributing to decreased waste and reduced noise pollution. The pioneering initiative aligns seamlessly with Dubai's ‘Smart City'' vision, reinforcing Emaar's dedication to redefining construction norms and harmonizing with the city's overarching technological and sustainable goals. These goals include the implementation and utilization of 3D printing technology, with Dubai aiming to have 25% of all construction projects 3D printed by 2030, as part of its 3D Printing Strategy.The 202 m2 (2,175 SF) villa includes many interesting design details and solutions, including the extensive use of curved walls and large scale-windows. The villa was designed by U+A chartered architects, who also made the rendering shown here.

Rendering from 2019 of Dubai first 3D printed villa made by U+A Architects.

Featuring three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen with a dining room, and a study room, the house also showcases how 3D printing can be integrated with Xiaomi's Mobile X AIOT products, including smart vacuums, air purifiers, cameras, and more, poised to redefine the landscape of smart living in the UAE.

Henrik Lund-Nielsen, Founder and General Manager at COBOD, shared his insights into the project: “Due to the beauty of this project and the many fine details, we are excited to see that the building has finally been revealed. We have waited since 2019 for this to happen and are extremely proud of this project, made by one of the very first BOD2 printers we produced. This project is not just about creating a house; it's about shaping the future of construction. Our collaboration with Emaar demonstrates how advanced technology can redefine residential living, offering smarter, faster, and more environmentally friendly building solutions.

Many of the rooms in Emaar’s stunning 3D printed villa contain floor to ceiling windows.



COBOD stands as the global leader in supplying 3D printers for the construction sector, promoting over 75 printers distributed across North and Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. Driven by a mission to revolutionize construction through multifunctional robots utilizing 3D printing, COBOD envisions automating half of the construction processes to achieve faster, cost-effective, sustainable results with enhanced design versatility.

From residential, commercial, and public structures to sports facilities and educational institutions, COBOD's 3D printers have been instrumental in erecting 1 to 3-story structures across all six inhabited continents. Their innovative technology also extends to developing large-scale data centers, wind turbine towers, and more.Embracing an open-source material approach, COBOD collaborates with global partners, including customers, academia, and suppliers. The company, backed by prominent shareholders such as General Electric, CEMEX, Holcim, and PERI, operates from its main office in Copenhagen, Denmark, and regional facilities in Miami, Florida, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. COBOD's dynamic team comprises over 100 professionals from 25 diverse nationalities.


Emaar Properties PJSC, listed on the Dubai Financial Market, is a global property developer and provider of premium lifestyles, with a significant presence in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. One of the world’s largest real estate companies, Emaar has a land bank of 1.7 billion sq. ft. in the UAE and key international markets. 

With a proven track-record in delivery, Emaar has delivered over 102,000 residential units in Dubai and other global markets since 2002. Emaar has strong recurring revenue-generating assets with over 1,300,000 square meters of leasing revenue-generating assets and 38 hotels and resorts with over 9,600 rooms (includes owned as well as managed hotels). Today, 48 percent of Emaar’s revenue is from its shopping malls & retail, hospitality, leisure, entertainment, commercial leasing, and international businesses. 

Burj Khalifa, a global icon, Dubai Mall, the world's most-visited retail and lifestyle destination, and Dubai Fountain, the world’s largest performing fountain, are among Emaar’s trophy destinations. 


Xiaomi, at its core, is a consumer electronics and smart manufacturing company, renowned for its smartphones and a wide range of smart hardware interconnected through an advanced IoT platform. Upholding the vision to ‘Make friends with users and be the coolest company in the users’ hearts,'' Xiaomi is dedicated to continuous innovation, delivering high-quality user experiences, and optimizing operational efficiency. The company's mission is to build remarkable products at honest prices, aiming to enhance the quality of life globally through innovative technology.

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