Using 3D printing solutions to significantly reduce the housing shortage in Angola, and other countries in Africa, by providing solutions that allow to the building of affordable and high-quality housing in the region in a faster and more competitive way

3D printed house in Angola

The largest 3d printed building in Africa

The building was printed 4,5 times faster than the first printed building showing remarkable increase in productivity.

The world’s first 3D printed concrete building

Power2Build printed Angola’s first 3D printed building – a 53 m2 (570 sf.) house. This was an incredible milestone in itself, however the 3D printed house served a bigger purpose. The project was the beginning of the 3D printed concrete revolution, as the house was the world’s first 3D printed concrete house.

Unprecedented cost-savings

Power2Build used the D.fab material solution, a ground-breaking concrete mix developed by COBOD and CEMEX, achieving cost savings of 90%. This was because 99% of the material was sourced locally, and only 1% was provided by COBOD. Power2Build was the first to print with this solution, pioneering the concrete revolution of 3DCP.

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