The D.fab material solution

CEMEX & COBOD’s close collaboration, experience, and expertise have developed a novel materials processing system for 3D concrete printing. The solution is universally applicable, economically viable and industrialized.

3D printed concrete

The concrete revolution

3D printing with concrete is a genuine step-change in the industry of 3D construction printing and serves as a prominent gateway to properly commercializing the technology.

Unprecedented cost-savings

This groundbreaking solution allows our customers to source 99% of the 3D printing concrete material locally. This enables cost-savings of up to 90%, as the 3D printing material only consists of 1% Magic Mix supplied by COBOD.


As the solution can be customized and produced industrially in all environments and geographies, the D.fab 3D printable concrete provides reliability and a continuous production process to the construction site. Our COBOD Concrete Batch Plant allows for excellent material control to ensure optimal print quality in all environments and climates.