Bod2 specifications

Machine information

The COBOD BOD2 3D construction printer is a gantry based printer that is specially designed for on-site concrete printing of large 3D objects.

The BOD2 3D construction printer
Product3D Construction Printer
Measurements (length x width x height)[m]Contact us to see size guide
Voltage[V]380-480 3 phases, + N + PE (WYE)
Short circuit current IKmin[A]500
Short circuit current, IKmax[A]1200
Leakage current[mA]300
Max. speed (X-axis)[mm/s]250
Max. speed (Y-axis)[mm/s]250
Max. speed (Z-axis)[mm/s]50
Sound level[dB(A)]Less than 70
Required bed plate flatness[mm/m]10
Movement systemServo
Safety elementsThe emergency stop function includes emergency stop push-buttons as input components, which are located in
the following locations of the machine:
• 1x on each of the Z-axis
• 3x on the printhead
• 1x on the operator’s controller panel
• 1x on the main E-box
ConnectionWifi or LAN
SoftwareSoft-NA and COBOD Web Control Interface
InterfaceWeb Client (through browsers like Chrome, Safari)
Recommended operating temperature[°C]5-35

Machine operation

The BOD2 printer allows the operator to move a printhead that extrudes the building material within 3 dimensions. The printhead moves along the X-axis (width), the X-axis moves on the two Y-axes
(length), and the whole X/Y-axes group moves up and down the four Z-columns (height). Thereby,
the gantry principle allows the printer to access any position within the printable area (PA), while
providing complete freedom of movement within the volume.

Max printing length[m]No limit
Max printing width[m]14.6
Max printing height[m]8.1 + height of the concrete bases to which the printer is mounted
Max printing speed[mm/s]Up to 1000 (1 m/s)
Layer height[mm]5-40
Layer width[mm]30-300
Material flow[m3/h]Up to 7.2
Max aggregate size[mm]10
Printer setup time[h]4-6
Printer takedown time[h]2-3
ManningWe recommend a team of 3-4 people

1x printer operator
1x material operator
1x material operator helper

(Additional hands-on helpers is recommended)
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