Mini Batch Plant specifications

The COBOD Mini Batch Plant is part of the recommended material equipment used in the production of
concrete in immediate proximity to the construction site. The plant is specially developed to accommodate the requirements when wanting to 3D print with locally sourced concrete. The machine is built on a steel frame, where the batch plant comprises of an agitator pan mixer resting on three load cells, a hopper with two compartments (for sand and aggregates), V-shaped feed belts, water tank, dosing equipment for two chemical substances, and a control unit with a batching computer.

The COBOD Mini Batch Plant

Technical specifications

Volume (gross/net)[L]500/300
Belt speed [m/s]0.4
Motor output, mixer motor [kW]7.5
Motor output, feed belt [kW]1.5
Mixing arms/side skrabers [pcs.]4/1
Weighting accuracy [%]+/- 0.5
Dosing accuracy[%]+/- 3
Recipes [no.]50
Aggregate hopper [m3]2 x 2.4
Enlarged silo sides[m3]2 x 1.5
Total silo capacity w. enlarged sides[m3]2 x 3.9
Water tank[L]250
Water pressure[bar]2
Dimensions (W x H x L)[m]2.3 x 2.5 x 5.2
Power supply, current[A/KVA]25/18
Power supply, voltage[V]3 x 400V, PE
Maximum voltage fluctuation[%]+/- 10
Required bed plate flatness[°C]5
Operating system-Phoenix PLC
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