3DCP Group

As the first 3D-printing construction company in Denmark, 3DCP GROUP strives to implement state-of-the-art 3D construction printing technology firsthand.

3DCP Group 3D printed house in Holstebro

The value of 3D construction printing

The aim is to build better, faster, greener, and reduce strenuous work in the construction process. 3DCP Group is an association of an engineering company, a design studio, and the technical executing party, which possess all the competencies necessary to 3D-print a complete construction. In 2021 we printed our prototype using the CEMEX D.fab solution as one of the first-ever to do so. The project is our vision of future student housing and is a 40 sqm tiny house.

3dcp group on cobod

3D printing removes many of the limitations that one experiences today in conventional construction. For the printer, it is as easy to make a square wall as a curved one or a corrugated one. In other words, it is not limited by the traditional box geometry that conventional building methods are in bricks, concrete elements, or slabs. We believe 3D-print has a significant spot in the future of construction, and we are happy and proud to be part of it and to be partnered up with COBOD. There is no doubt that COBOD is the industry leader in the 3DCP industry, which, along with their strategic location, is why we put our trust in COBOD to be our partner now and in the future.