Printed Farms

Printed Farms establishes 3DCP in Florida using our BOD2. The aim is to commercialize the technology and push the limits of the industry.

Printed Farms' bod2 in Florida

Pushing the limits of 3d concrete printing

Printed Farms Florida: The Florida-based start-up established 3D construction printing in Florida with COBOD’s BOD2 construction printer. Its mission is to commercialize the new technology in Florida. Printed Farms 3D printed the first building in Florida – a garage with the dimensions of 78 x 68 m./24 ft. x 21 ft. The BOD2 used for the projects is a 6-5-4, with a width of 160 x 134 m./49 ft., length of 41 ft., and height of 104 m./32 ft.

Look out for 3D printed homes

Hurricane resistant, flood-resistant, and green buildings for the fastest-growing state in the United States. The young American company continues to do projects that push the industry forward. 3D printed homes and buildings will be emerging everywhere in the state of Florida.

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