Additional services

We do not just provide the leading 3D construction printing technology. We provide all customers with installation and training services, as well as proper certification and documentation. Additional financing opportunities is also a service COBOD provides.

Installation, training & service

We don’t just sell a system, but hold your hand all the way. Our Installation, Training & Service team (ITS) insure that you and your crew are fully trained and certified while printer is being produced and shipped. Once the printer arrive at your local facilities our ITS team will help you get the printer installed and train you in the use of the system. The same team will be available 24/7 to service and support you as additional after-sales-service. The ITS team can also provide remote support and troubleshooting.

COBOD team member on site

Cobod connect

This is our new Extranet portal for all our customers. It allows you to share knowledge with your +50 peers around the world, buy spare parts and toolkits instantly, and find training videos and documentation tailored to your specific printer. COBOD Connect is the optimal self-service platform for our customers to get answers to all questions and concerns.

Certifications & documentation

Our products are safe and UL and CE certified. In addition, we have full documentation required on all our products.

Worker on site with the BOD2 3D construction printer