We provide our customers with the world's leading 3D construction printing technologies.

World leader in 3D construction printing


The world’s best-selling 3D construction printer. The BOD2 is the result of years of continuous upgrades, making it the fastest, most durable, and most reliable 3D construction printer on the market.

The Cobod mini batch plant

The complete concrete mixing and supply system for all 3D construction printing projects. The mini batch plant and the pump is the turnkey solution for the 3DCP industry.

Printable materials

We have spent countless hours perfecting the printed solution. With our open source strategy, our customers can print with various 3D printable materials.

Additional services

Along with our products, we provide our customers with the necessary training to enable their construction dreams. After going through our elaborate training regiment, our customers receive a COBOD printer operator certificate, signifying their expertise in using 3D construction printing technology.

The slicer software

The COBOD Slice is the primary software to prepare 3D models for printing with our BOD2 3D construction printer. It allows the customers to generate G-code files, which can be uploaded to the printer through its web interface and control board. The slicer is an essential part of the products we offer.