Canadian experts in construction 3D printing and exclusive distributors of COBOD International's construction 3D printing technology.

nidus3d 3d concrete printing
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A housing solution made for Canada

With experience in construction, lean manufacturing, and public affairs, the team at nidus3D is actively deploying 3DCP (3D Construction Printing) technology to lower building costs and increase access to housing that is resilient, efficient, and sustainable, all while complying with Canadian building standards

Canadian pioneering

nidus3D has recently succeeded 3D printing Canada’s first multi-unit structure in real concrete. The project is a first-of-its-kind consisting of four units each measuring 560 square feet and is the first 3D printed home to obtain permission for occupancy in Canada. The 3D printed homes are expected to be available by Fall 2022 for individuals and couples seeking attainable

Working with COBOD

In partnership with COBOD International, nidus3D has deployed multiple Canadian, North American, and World Firsts establishing 3D Construction Printing as a viable and competitive building method for Canada.

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