Robot simulation and control based on Digital twins

Odense, Denmark

University of Southern Denmark’s research unit SDU Robotics is at the core of the Odense Robotics Cluster involving 130+ startups and established companies in robotics. SDU is specialized in robot solutions involving modeling, simulation, and control of advanced robot technologies (systems and services) for industrial, welfare, and medical applications.

Our group is involved in a variety of national and European projects and features a strong network of academic and industrial partners. We solve challenging research problems derived from real-life challenges by implementing novel robot solutions. We value teamwork, professional diligence, and enthusiasm for robotics.

We started to work with COBOD back in 2018, as part of project N3XTCON. Since the early steps, we supported COBOD in various national and international projects with our simulation and control solutions for their equipment.

Together, we are partners in SDU’s Center for Large Structure Production (LSP). LSP’s central ambition is to provide a physical “go-to” lab for companies in the sectors maritime, construction and energy to carry out research, development and testing of novel solutions in the production of large structures, such as buildings, ships and offshore platforms.