C++/Qt/firmware Programmer with ingenuity and gumption

At COBOD International A/S we develop and built the world’s largest 3D printers for the construction industry.

We want to make the best possible software to control our printers, from slicing NURBS models and interfacing with architectural software to providing the best possible user interface and functionality. 

We operate in an international market with customers in Saudi Arabia, Belgium, the US, India and more, and are expanding the reach almost every week.

We are a strong international team with members from Denmark, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Lithuania and Spain. The average age in the company is around 30 and most of our employees started as interns and have become valued members of the team. We have a loose structure where everybody talks to everybody and everybody is heard. Our team members largely work independently, and everybody takes responsibility for their own tasks and workday, getting help from the rest of the team when needed. 

We are looking for a strong programming and math profile to join our R&D team, preferably someone who has been programming for years before starting his or her education and has experience with several programming languages and platforms – a proper nerd. 

At COBOD you won’t be doing boring database or web code, you will work with 3D models, visualization, controlling large robots that do real work, from preparing the robot control scripts to fine-tuning the firmware in the heart of the printers and whatever else we develop together in the future.

You will be referring directly to our head of R&D and be working largely independently.

We work with open-source code and build on that, but if you have better ideas, we are open to input.

In the future, we could possibly get into using robot arms, image analysis, sensors, particle simulation and many other technologies to develop the best construction 3D printers in the world.

Preferred experience:

  • Computational geometry
  • Opengl/DirectX or similar (low level)
  • 3D computer graphics
  • Game development
  • C++
  • Open-source libraries
  • Arduino
  • Some understanding of electronics
  • Some experience with 3D printing

We hope this has spawned your interest and to hear from you – the sooner the better. 

Primary worksite: Nordhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

Any questions should be directed to: 

Michael Holm / Head of R&D / mh@cobod.com / +45 2068 2620