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World of Concrete 2022

LIVE DEMONSTRATION OF 3D CONCRETE PRINTING OF BUILDINGS AT 2022 WORLD OF CONCRETE IN LAS VEGAS Watch our 3D construction printer in action at Riviera Lot next to Western Star. See printing schedule below. 3D printing is transforming the construction industry by automating key building processes, making construction faster, cheaper, more sustainable, [...]

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Projects & Partners – DTU

COBOD is always looking for research opportunities to drive innovation and enable academic institutions to explore new areas of research and educate students on this revolutionary technology. The same is true for the COBODs partnership with the Technical University of Denmark.   COBOD’s collaboration with DTU [...]

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Projects & Partners Dar Al Arkan

Dar Al Arkan believes in the huge potential of 3D construction printing Saudi Arabia Top Saudi real estate developer Dar Al Arkan partnered with COBOD in 2021 and announced their plans to use 3D Construction Printing (3DCP) technology for its projects in the Saudi Kingdom. Dar Al Arkan aims [...]

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Projects & Partners 14Trees

First 3D printed house in Kenya – being scaled to one of the largest 3D printed construction projects in the World. Kenya, Africa Over three billion people are expected to need affordable housing by 2030. This issue is most acute in Africa, with countries like Kenya already facing an [...]

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Projects & Partners Printed Farms

Pushing the boundaries of 3D construction printing Florida, USA Printed Farms Florida: The Florida-based start-up established 3D construction printing in Florida with COBOD’s BOD2 construction printer. Their mission is to commercialize the new technology in Florida. Lead by Co-Founder and Manager Fredrik Wannius Printed Farms Florida has printed the [...]

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Projects & Partners/Roeser

3D Printing in a controlled environment Bavaria, Germany Röser GmbH purchased a BOD2 from our minority shareholder and partner PERI group. Röser, an established German construction company in prefabricated concrete elements, started to print many free space elements such as larger, curved seating furniture or custom design elements. On-site [...]

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Projects & Partners Kamp C

The world's first 3D printed two-story building in Europe Westerlo, Belgium In July 2020, KampC unveiled the first two story house printed on site in Europe. The house is eight meters tall and has a floor area of 90 square meters and it is 3D printed with one of [...]

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Projects and Partners GE

The future of renewable energy Copenhagen, Denmark Disrupting the wind turbine industry In June 2020 we finally came out with the news. COBOD will together with GE Renewable Energy and LafargeHolcim co-develop optimized 3D printed concrete bases for wind turbines. The partners will undertake a multi-year collaboration to develop [...]

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Projects & Partners – PERI

Founded in 1969 PERI is the worlds leading manufacturer and supplier of formwork and scaffolding systems. In 2018 PERI group acquired a minority stake in COBOD. Since then both companies work closely together and push the boundaries of 3D construction printing. In 2020, using a COBOD BOD 2, PERI realized the first 3D-printed residential [...]

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