How we build a better tomorrow

COBOD is working tirelessly to contribute to a significant transformation of the global construction industry and a better tomorrow.

Global housing crisis

Our partners have several projects around the world addressing the global housing crisis. 14Trees in Kenya and Malawi is building the first affordable housing communities and schools of the future with our 3D construction printer.


Sourcing locally to reduce transportation, minimizing waste on-site, and constructing buildings that last are some of COBOD’s initiatives toward a more sustainable future. Through our latest innovation, with our partner CEMEX, we reduced the cement share by 30% compared with industry standards of 3D construction printing.

Supporting our local community

To support the local community, we sponsor Copenhagen Badminton Club (KBK), reflecting our values in a mix of young talents and energy. This is perfectly symbolized by their sports director, olympian Peter Gade, a spearhead of experienced world-class talent and results – Just like COBOD.