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PERI Group acquires minority share in construction 3D printing company COBOD

German PERI Group, a leading manufacturer of formwork and scaffolding systems, has reportedly acquired a significant minority stake in newly established construction 3D printing company COBOD International. The construction AM firm was established by Danish company 3D Printhuset in September of this year in an effort to refocus its construction AM business.

With its minority stake in COBOD, PERI will offer the company’s BOD construction 3D printing technology to its own clients around the globe. The investment could therefore trigger significant growth for COBOD’s own business. logo


3D Printhuset announces new company dedicated to construction 3D printing

While there are many companies around that specialize in 3D printed construction, Denmark’s 3D Printhuset has become one of the most prominent. It is a company that does not believe in hype, rather choosing to take a realistic approach to large-scale 3D printing and deliver quality results.

The new company is called COBOD International, which stands for Construction Building On Demand, and from now on it will be responsible for the manufacture and sale of the BOD2.

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3D Printhuset establishes COBOD International to manufacture and sell BOD2 modular construction printer

3D Printhuset has established a new company to manufacture and sell the BOD2 construction 3D printer.

COBOD International will now be responsible for bringing the revamped gantry printing system to market. Wanting to build on the success of that first machine, 3D Printhuset this year set about upgrading the system, making it modular and ten times faster than the original, with an apparent build speed of 1 meter per second.

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3D Printhuset wins first EU tender ever for a 3D construction printer

Kamp C, the Belgian organization under Antwerpen province providing educational and technical support, and tools of innovation to the Flemish construction sector recently concluded a comprehensive EU tender process, which led to that 3D Printhuset, Denmark was chosen as the preferred supplier among all the contenders. 3D Printhuset offered their recently developed modular BOD2 3D construction printer – an upgraded, improved and 10 times faster version of the BOD1 printer, which printed Europe’s first 3D printed building, The BOD, in Copenhagen. logo


3D Printhuset Breaks Ground on 3D Printed Building

“Following our participation in the Danish government funded research project ‘3D Construction Printing’ and our research into and visits to over 35 3D construction projects all over the world, we saw the need for proving that the 3D print technology successfully could be applied for buildings, also in Europe and in full compliance with the strict building regulations we have here. The BOD building that we have begun constructing using on-site 3D printing of concrete in Copenhagen Harbour is that proof”

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A 3D Printed Building Rises in Copenhagen

The company is performing a demonstration of the concepts of 3D printing within the construction industry, with a view to having construction companies actually make use of the technology on “real” projects. 

The demonstration is to build a rather small office/hotel in an industrial area on the wet side of Copenhagen. How small is this structure? Evidently it will be only 50sm (538 sf), the size of a reasonable hotel room. 


Print your house in Copenhagen

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China and Russia have a few examples of 3D-printed architecture already, but strict EU building codes meant we were lagging behind. Until now.

At the end of last summer, in an industrial area just outside Copenhagen city centre called Nordhavn, construction began on Europe’s first 3D-printed building. The rippling, eco-friendly structure was formed by new firm 3D Printhuset, which named it BOD: ‘Building On Demand’.


3D Printhuset lays foundations for 3D printed office-hotel in Copenhagen

Building on Demand (BOD), the latest venture of Danish firm 3D Printhuset, marks a major breakthrough for additive manufacturing in construction. The concrete office-hotel structure, occupying just under 50 metres of floor-space, is due to be 3D printed in Nordhaven, Copenhagen’s docklands area, and will be Western Europe’s first inhabitable 3D printed building.